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about illumine service foundation


Our mission is to foster peace and goodwill through the arts, sports, food systems, and social justice.

We believe peace and happiness begins with each individual and support community-based organizations and initiatives that drive small but demonstrable change with a long-term horizon. We provide both general operating and project-based support.

ISF was founded by Sanjay Rawal in late 2013 as a vehicle to support documentary film. The name was inspired by this aphorism- “Remain always in the sunshine of your heart until it’s illumining rays have also flooded your mind.”

ISF does not accept unsolicited grant proposals or applications.

board of directors

Sanjay Rawal, filmmaker and founder of Illumine Service Foundation, smiles

Sanjay Rawal

Board Chair & Executive Director

Sanjay Rawal is an award-winning filmmaker with over a decade’s worth of experience of managing and running non-profits. He has worked for Nobel Laureates, former Heads of State and various governments, including the USG.

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Caitlin Rackish


Dr. Jeyamma Srinivasan is a retired PhD mathematician. She taught for many years at UC Davis where she was the first female faculty member in the Department of Computer Sciences.

Dr. Jeyamma Srinivasan

Board Member

Dr. Kanti Rawal

Board Member

Dr. Kanti Rawal is a PhD in plant genetics and has worked both in the private and public sector, including for the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and the USDA.

Remain always in the sunshine of your heart until its illumining rays have also flooded your mind.